How to fix Google Chromecast audio multicasting only playing on one device

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ArtikellogoIf you happen to own multiple Chromecast audio devices you might be pleased to learn that Google added a new feature last December to cast audio to all your Chromecast Audio devices at once. There is however a very annoying bug that causes the music to only play on one device. The official workaround requires you to manually reset the device that is playing music. I’ve found a better solution.

This solution will work if you cast to more than two devices at once. First of all find out which of the devices is currently the only one playing audio. Next stop casting to your group. Next open the Chromecast app and edit your group. Now remove the device from the group. Next start casting media to the group. Finally open your Chromecast app again, edit your group and add the device that was the only one playing audio before. Et voila! All your devices in your Chromecast Audio group should now be playing music!

This solution is much simpler than the one proposed by Google. They tell you to totally reset the device which is the only one currently playing music.

I’ve also found out that when I stop playing music and then stop casting to the group, rather than stop casting while the music was still playing, the chance of this ‘only one device is playing music’ bug occurring is much smaller. Yet it still happens from time to time.

Edit 02-06-2016: It seems that this bug is finally fixed. I personaly haven't had to deal with this for the last two months.

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